Rising Tide Announces the Members of the 2nd FORT Cohort

Fort Worth, Texas - Aug. 30th, 2019 - The  Rising Tide Initiative is announcing it's 2nd cohort for the FORT program. The program has expanded the cohort size to twenty  entrepreneurs. During the program the cohort receives a tailored  learning experience, premium office space, mentorship, and scaling tools  free of charge for six months.

“The RTI Fort cohort  provides resources and learning content that is valuable for each  entrepreneur to implement at the onset of their business. Having a  community of like-minded entrepreneurs is important when the odds of  success are stacked against you.” - Flourish

We have  selected a group of entrepreneurs that will not only work well together,  but also work to better the community around us.

Please give a warm welcome to the 2nd FORT cohort:

Elite Nurses, Justin Thompson

Elite  Nurses has been serving the medical community since 2005 by providing  qualified and experienced clinical professionals for short-term and  long-term assignments to hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living  facilities.

Kapotas Designs, Joshua Stebbins

More  versatile than velcro: an acrylic foam made with thousands of suction  cups so small you can’t see them with the naked eye - you can use it  over and over without losing any sticking power.

DAAVI, Gabe Williams

We are more than a sneaker company. We are writing a story. A story about what happens when ordinary people confront giants.

Sole Stacks, Demont Campbell

Premium, and innovative shoe display to display your kicks. Featured in Complex, Hyperbeast, Nice Kicks and WearTesters.

SKULAIR, Lisa Lunsford

SKULAIR  is a patented head covering designed to permit configuration  flexibility, allowing it to protect hair, prevent user distraction from  blowing hair, and permit for the safe wearing of a head apparatus.

Vision Implementors, Ronnie Crowley

Eliminate the “Brain-Drain of Details” so you can stay focused on the Vision and reclaim hours of your workweek.

Cheat Day Cheesecakes, Alexandria Reid

A single focus, the best cheesecake for cheat day in Denton.

Good Omen Brewing Co., Felipe Lobón

A start-up developing traditional beer styles and an inviting patio-oriented taproom.

Movie Games, Carter Shackelford

Creates and manufactures movie-based interactive games for families, groups of friends, and individuals aged 6 to 76.

Raven Aerial Solutions, Amber Ross

Aerial imaging and intelligent data collection for industrial and community industries.

Watermark Ventures, William Fullerton

Tracking digital documents just got easier, with innovation through watermarking technology.

Sounde, Mavis Tang

An app that serves as a hearing aid using basic headphones by adjusting frequencies to your hearing needs.

Cache, Mateson Gutierrez

County auction acquisition & consulting services. Investment opportunities in your control.

Local Jam, Will Cosgrove

An app for finding local musicians, and easily discovering talented artists around you.

MAG-RAW Creations, Mitchell Grigerek

A Full-Service Creative Group based out of Dallas, Texas specializing in Film Production with Design and Motion capabilities.

InsuredMine Inc., Raution Jaiswal

Helping Insurance Agents enhance customer relationships through proactive engagement and communication.

Curb Your Nature, Jeff Martinelli

Family  business focused on xeriscaping, landscape bed design and  implementation, mulch, irrigation design, repair and tune-up, and lawn  maintenance.

Performing Ads, What's Up Fort Worth, Greg Heitzman

The  2018-2019 season marks Year 3 of my stewardship of Performing Ads  Company. Our business model continues with 100% of our work being  performed in North Texas. Design, layout, sales, and printing are  produced in North Texas.

1440 Countdown, Andrew Nunez

1440  Countdown is just a small group trying to make as much of a positive  impact as we can. We want to promote a community that loves.

And, our returning champions! The Welman Project

Waste  output generated by businesses, and lack of resources in our schools.  We use one idea to tackle these two seemingly unrelated problems in our  community. The solution is simple but often overlooked: reuse.

"I'm  happy to see so many entrepreneurs that have the opportunity to work  with one another to succeed. We're looking forward to serving through  our mission to inspire and empower others to achieve their dreams." said  Kevin Grace, Chairman, Rising Tide Initiative.

Rising  Tide Initiative utilized a scoring system that evaluates brand equity,  team fit, team quality, time to sustainability, sales pipeline status,  and community giveback. Individual feedback on areas of improvement will  be provided to applicants that were not accepted.

Rising Tide Initiative and WeWork invite the community to join in supporting the work of these exceptional entrepreneurs.

The FORT is  a project created by the Rising Tide Initiative. Through a  collaboration with WeWork, we are providing twenty entrepreneurs with a  free place to build their business for six months. It's more than a  desk; it's a community.

About Rising Tide Initiative

Rising  Tide Initiative is a leader and supporter of new ideas, ventures, and  creations that ultimately better the lives of those around us. We  collaborate with individuals and organizations to change the world by  increasing social and economic prosperity within our local communities.

About WeWork

WeWork  is a global network of workspaces where companies and people grow  together. We transform buildings into dynamic environments for  creativity, focus, and connection.

Written by

Kevin Grace