Get ready, the next cohort is coming

The team is excited to complete the selection for the FORT cohort next week!

We are announcing the next cohort on Friday, August 30th, 2019. Much like our first cohort, the next inspires us by the quality of applicants that have submitted to the FORT program. We've expanded the program to accept 20 companies into this cohort.

This announcement will also bring news on improvements to the program, and new partnerships that offer even more substantive and tangible value to the entrepreneurs. Best of all, the founding cohort has decided to come back and assist as mentors.

Our community is at it's finest when we can work together to produce a stronger environment for new business while recognizing that people are at the center. This cohort comes at zero cost to each participant. Accepted applicants receive books, training material, workshops, premium office space via wework, and are surrounded by very dedicated mentors.

As always, we offer thanks to our many collaborators and partners that help to make this possible! A warm thanks to our team and board for remaining dedicated to making a difference.


Written by

Kevin Grace