Day in the Life of a FORT Entrepreneur: Plutus21

What sparked your passion for starting Plutus 21?

While I was working for some interesting investment groups in the alternative assets space, I started to realize that these companies had become too large to be flexible and opportunistic. They had specific beliefs and practices that prevented them from exploring new and emerging investment opportunities. They would be forced to pass on opportunities that did not fit perfectly into the dated criterion they had established. While there were many young companies challenging large players in different industries, that was not the case in the investment industry. Most successful firms were still not feeling the pressure from innovative, new teams. So, we decided that Plutus21 will be the challenger that will give the incumbents a run for their money. The competitive tendency and interest in identifying economic trends made the investment space a natural fit and passion for us.

What does a typical day at Plutus21 look like for you?

The nature of our business is that you can never be done with work. There is always more information to gather, more due diligence to be done, or one more investment opportunity to be explored. We usually work 7 days a week to ensure that no one understands our investments better than us.

We tend to spend the mornings on operational items such as providing information to service providers and overseeing accounting functions. This is my least favorite part of the work. We spend our afternoons updating current investors, discussing new partnerships, and meeting with future investors. And we spend our evenings digging deep into our current and prospective investments. This is my favorite part of the work and we would do this for free.

What was your latest win?

We secured a partnership with a lead LP for our blockchain focused hedge fund. The mentorship and support that we are received through this partnership will transform our venture forever. We have so much respect for the experience and background that this team brings to the table. Our only focus now is to prove to them that they made the right decision when they a chance on us.

What do you like best about being part of the RTI FORT cohort?

It is easy to get lost in your business. Entrepreneurs fail to recognize the value of taking a step back and working on your fundamental skills as a leader, entrepreneur, and team member.  Most young companies are fueled by the passion and run by the brunt force of the entrepreneurs. While organizations can be successful this way, they do not achieve their maximum potential. The RTI FORT forces you to be part of discussions and training that help you achieve optimal efficiency and capacity.

Part of being a FORT member is giving back to the community. How have you given back?

Everything that Plutus21 is today is because of the generosity and assistance of many people along the way. No organization can be truly impactful in a vacuum. The best way to give back, and to learn, is to teach. We have an initiative within the company called Plutus21 Academy which is focused on community education. P21 Academy held classes on valuation for the RTI FORT cohort, has regular events to educate the Dallas community about alternative investments, and continues to hold weekly classes for college students interested in alternative assets and finance in general. Some of our best ideas and insights have come from these students so we plan to continue and expand this initiative.

What would you say to encourage others to apply for acceptance into the program?

If you want to be surrounded by selfless, intelligent, and resourceful individuals who motivate and enable you to take your organization to new heights, you absolutely need to apply to the RTI FORT program.


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Written by

Nicolette Nelson