A Day in the Life of a FORT Entrepreneur: HomeBody

What sparked your passion for starting HomeBody?

I recognized the value of time. It’s our most precious commodity. Through this realization, I aim to save workers time spent waiting at home unnecessarily. The idea spawned when I worked as a medical sales rep and wanted to help a surgeon save time from having to go home for an appliance delivery. Many professionals train so hard to work AT their place of employment so it’s very frustrating when they’re forced to miss work/pay simply to sit at home and wait.

What does a typical day at HomeBody look like for you?

There is no typical day at HomeBody. I definitely wear a number of different hats so sometimes it looks like meetings, phone calls, and emails. Other days it looks like interviews, waiting at homes, and managing accounts receivable/payable. My favorite days are those when I’m given an opportunity to present HomeBody as an employee benefit to a group of decision makers.

What was your latest win?

Our last win was when we provided a technology company with a new employee benefits package to include HomeBody visits for each employee to use over the next year, rather than taking paid time off.

If you could describe HomeBody in one phrase, what would it be?

If time is money, why should you have to wait? HomeBody helps save both!

What do you like best about being part of the RTI FORT cohort?

What I enjoy the most about being part of the FORT is the many networking opportunities that we receive as well as the coworking space that we are given. Getting to work at WeWork has been a great way to foster networking among people within the space, as well as build relationships with other FORT members.

Part of being a FORT member is giving back to the community. How have you given back?

One way that I choose to give back is by sharing my sales experience with others. I truly enjoy people, connecting people, and learning from people. I’ve been able to share my sales experience with some of those less familiar with sales techniques, strategies, and initial approaches.

What would you say to encourage others to apply for acceptance into the program?

The FORT is a great place to be enlightened and challenged by so many entrepreneurs and business minds in the same space, but with very different stages of growth and life experience.


Find out more about Homebody on their website: https://homebodyhelp.com/

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Written by

Nicolette Nelson