A Day in the Life of a FORT Entrepreneur: Chappell Digital Marketing

What sparked your passion for starting Chappell Digital Marketing?

A little over three years ago, I co-founded my first marketing agency in 2015 but I eventually left that agency in late 2017. In January of 2018, with little savings to my name, I decided to start a new digital marketing agency called Chappell Digital Marketing. I started with no clients, no office and a one person team. A few business owners I had previously helped scale their marketing results heard about my new venture. They later decided to trust that I could continue to bring them marketing results. I was off to the races and nothing was going to stop me. I went after a business model that allows for full transparency between the client and the agency. Where our clients can track and measure every marketing dollar spent live and on-demand. Where both client and agency benefit from data-driven marketing results and trust because all of the guesswork is removed.

What does a typical day at Chappell Digital Marketing look like for you?

I arrive at the office very early in the morning. One of the first things I do is write down some of the big projects I plan to direct my focus too for the day. I then try to respond to any important emails I might have waiting on me. After that, I briefly review any and all ongoing social media ad campaigns so I can get an idea of where the results are going for the day. Once, I’m satisfied with how the results look, I’ll get started on the big projects I had written down earlier and continue working on those until I either have to attend an important conference call or meeting. I start to close out the day around 6 pm by responding to all of my emails. Once finished I head home for the night to begin preparation for the next day.

What has been the biggest and most surprising obstacle you’ve had to overcome as an entrepreneur?

I’ve had more than a few obstacles and failures. Some more costly than others, but nonetheless, many lessons have been learned. The biggest challenge I currently face is scaling with the demand and the most surprising obstacle I’ve had to overcome was realizing I had to fall in love with the process in order to keep growing. Now it is at the point where business is almost the only thing I think about all day - “how can I improve our client results”, “how can I scale the business”, “what can I do to improve the team culture” these are the questions I’m constantly asking myself so we can keep moving forward.

What was your latest win?

Our latest win was hearing how about how much our clients love the results we bring them. It’s so often that I find each of our clients saying that we are doing such an awesome job and we just need to keep doing what we are doing because it works. If each client is saying those things then I know we are on the right track and that is the win in my eyes.

If you could describe your company in three words or phrases, what would they be?

Data-Driven Marketing Results

Part of being a FORT member is giving back to the community. How have you given back?

One way that we have given back is through giving students from TCU an opportunity to be a part of the learnings from what it’s like to grow an agency in startup mode.

What would you say to encourage others to apply for acceptance into the program?

I would encourage people to apply for acceptance in the program if they are looking to kickstart their business efforts, be a part of a connected community, and have people who truly care about helping your business.

Find out more about Chappell Digital Marketing on their website: https://www.chappellcapital.com/

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Written by

Nicolette Nelson