Challenges are around every corner for the new entrepreneur, and much like with child-raising, it takes a village to move a brand-new business from start-up to profitable.

Welcome to Fort, your very own village.

Fort is a community where those with incredible grit can find the accountability, tools, and capital they need to succeed. Community + Grit + Accountability + Tide Toolbox + Capital = Fort.


Every new business owner needs a community of support around them, one that understands and can help them face all of the challenges that come with starting a business. In all of our Fort locations, we’re dedicated to creating an environment of support and community among all of our entrepreneurs.

If you’re willing to be a contributing member of a community of new entrepreneurs, you just might be in the right place!


Starting (and growing) a business is hard, and it requires a good deal of perseverance, resolve, and courage. There are tons of challenges to overcome and decisions to make in the early days of a business, and sadly, many new business owners just aren’t able to persevere through it all.

If you’ve proven, through your life and career experiences, that you’re able to persevere through tough things, you, again, might be in the right place.


Commitment and perseverance are absolutely necessary for building a successful business. But sometimes you just need that little extra push from a friend or a mentor. Submitting to accountability takes humility and an understanding that you can’t do this alone.

If you’re willing to be held accountable for working hard to meet your goals, it pretty much seems like you’ve found the right people.

Tide Toolbox

It’s undeniable: the people who are already doing this are in a better position than you are. They’re more experienced, better networked, and simply more well-known. But that’s where Rising Tide comes in to level the playing field a bit. We have a wide network of experienced partners and mentors available for you to learn from and an ever-growing chest of tools for you to use.

If you’re ready to learn from and work with some amazing people, you’ve checked this box as well.


Ah, money. It makes the world go ‘round, but it can often be hard to come by for a new entrepreneur. A large part of getting through the “valley of death” as a new business owner is simply developing an economically viable business model.

If you know you’re spending too much time focusing on funding your business and are ready to start building a business that will fund itself, you just might be ready to apply!

What comes next?

If you’re ready to be part of a community where those with incredible grit can find the accountability, tools, and capital they need to succeed, head on over to our application page to learn how to apply to become part of Fort.

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What are the alumni saying?

"“They are giving their valuable time to do nothing but help us grow our businesses strategically which we are so thankful for. Through the cohort, we have also created many valuable connections that have helped us in so many ways.”"

rollin' n bowlin'

"The RTI Fort cohort provides resources and learning content that is valuable for each entrepreneur to implement at the onset of their business. Having a community of like-minded entrepreneurs is important when the odds of success are stacked against you."

zach morrow

"If you want to be surrounded by selfless, intelligent, and resourceful individuals who motivate and enable you to take your organization to new heights, you absolutely need to apply to the RTI FORT program."

Hamiz Awan