How to Create & Sustain Your Operating Cadence

Join Rising Tide Initiative and our guest Kirk Dando, Dando Advisors, as we explore "How to Create and Sustain Your Business Cadence".

Every CEO makes promises (to investors, employees, family, vendors and customers) and sets goals in the process of scaling a company.  The largest risk you face in keeping these promises and commitments is failure to execute at scale.  This discussion will focus on how to de-risk execution using a simple framework to make sure your great strategy gets implemented, or a bad strategy gets corrected quickly.

Kirk has been a frequent speaker on his Growth Playbook framework, most recently presenting in Austin at the Entrepreneurial Organization Austin, TX chapter.

We are very please to extend you this opportunity and know you don't want to miss out!  Register now as seating is limited.  

Main Speaker

Kirk Dando