Rising Tide Initiative was created to provide support at the most critical moments for growing a new business.

Kevin Grace, Chairman
Rising Tide Initiative

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Since 2016, Rising Tide Initiative has helped provide real results for the entrepreneurial community in Fort Worth by demystifying the steps it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and by providing tools that have been proven to help a new business survive the early, building days.  

Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, RTI was designed to help new business builders tackle the most challenging elements of being an entrepreneur. It’s fueled by a dedicated and passionate team and supported by an entire ecosystem of experienced business builders.  

Business builders have a unique ability to help shape the reality of the world around us by creating new jobs and fostering prosperity in our communities. It requires bravery to strive to be an agent for change, and we here at RTI want to come alongside new business builders and help them do their world-changing work.  

For us, this means having an unyielding focus on doing the hard work to make the dreams of our business builders become reality.

Our Values

  1. To champion collaborative and courageous people
  2. To serve to the community based on the joint cornerstones of trust and integrity
  3. To inspire and empower others to achieve their dreams
  4. To have a passionate, relentless drive to decisive action

The FORT Program

Rising Tide Initiative’s main program for entrepreneurs is the Fort Program. Through the Fort Program, new entrepreneurs are provided with an experienced mentor to guide them through a customized curriculum, free office space to get their business off the ground, and numerous learning opportunities to give them the knowledge they need to be successful.  

Rising Tide is dedicated to working with entrepreneurs as they encounter the challenges of starting a business, and with the Fort Program, we seek to partner with them in a unique coaching relationship that is customized to fit their needs.  

By enrolling in our program, you will first be matched with an experienced mentor who will develop a curriculum that is customized to your business—one that will guide you to success as an entrepreneur. Your mentor will walk alongside you and provide you with resources, network, and learning opportunities that will help your business grow.

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Powerful Collaboration

One of our core values is collaboration, and we strive to be an example for our entrepreneurs in everything we do. To accomplish that mission, we partner with other institutions who also desire to help new entrepreneurs. One of our first partners in this venture was the University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute, home to a team of world-class researchers who are always working to change the world.  

Through this partnership, we were able to connect our entrepreneurs with UTA’s cutting-edge developments in everything from automation to intelligent systems to biomedical technologies. It was an exciting partnership, and ever since then, we have continued to provide new and exciting collaboration opportunities for our entrepreneurs.

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